It truly was a great day to be at CtK on Saturday, March 17th, as several took advantage of the spring version of the free clothing giveaway at The King’s Closet on the campus of Christ the King church in Charlotte.

People were blessed with clothing for their entire family at the event, which is held twice a year.

Families walked out with sacks full of needed clothing from start time to finish.

People, like mother of 3, Misty of Clover, find the giveaway a much-needed event for those who attend.

“This is wonderful,” she said. “It really makes a difference in families lives.”

Misty was shopping with one of her daughters to find needed supplies.

“Ths really helps the budget when the kids are growing so fast,” she said. “It really takes the pressure off.”

She especially appreciated the table just for kids.

The church offers the giveaway twice a year and it is a success every time.

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By: Phil Knapper
Phil is a 24 year veteran of the newspaper business, where he worked as a writer and editor. He is a member of the creative writing team at CtK Church.