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Being a person with special needs, or being a family with members that have special needs, have a tough task in finding a church that can satisfy their needs on a Sunday at church.

Not so for those that attend Christ the King Church (CtK) in Charlotte, due to the Stepping Stones Ministry, led by Kathy Crisp.

“We found that a lot of people don’t go to church because not many churches have a program to help like this.

“We just want to help,” said Crisp who has a son with special needs, Alex, 14, and whose husband is also in a wheelchair.

“We have 2 classes for the kids and adults right now and the reception has been wonderful” Crisp said. “We have 15 adults and children with special needs right now and it is only getting bigger, so we have a need for more help.”

That help comes from adults and teens, alike, that act as “buddies” to those that need help.

“It’s great,” Crisp said of the system. “Sometimes the buddies are the first face these people see. They are there to listen and to lend a hand when help is needed.”

One of those “buddies” is Frank Hertkorn, who helps out every Sunday.

“I take kids to lunch and then home to their parents,” he said. “I am helping God’s children and allowing the parents to attend worship without worry.”

‘It’s an amazing ministry that shows a lot of love,” Crisp said “We just need more people because we keep growing.”

To become part of the ministry, visit to learn more!

By: Phil Knapper
Phil is a 24 year veteran of the newspaper business, where he worked as a writer and editor. He is a member of the creative writing team at CtK Church.