As Christmas season gets closer, Christ the King (CtK) Church gets into the spirit by starting up its Angel Tree program, which allows people to select an angel from the tree and give it gifts for Christmas.

The Angels are youth in the Steele Creek area who are in need of Christmas gifts, due to financial hardship.

Caren Huitt, one of the organizers of the event for CtK says Angel Tree is a welcome program that is easy to take part in.

“All someone has to do is pick an Angel off the tree.” Huitt said. “On the Angel is the child’s name and their Christmas wish list.

“I’ve been doing this five years and it just keeps getting bigger. People really want to help. We already have 220 names of kids that need help and it keeps getting bigger.”

CtK’s Judd Henderson has been getting Steele Creek businesses to join in by setting up trees of their own.

“The response has been great,” Henderson said. “Businesses really want to help.”

The Angel Tree program is an asset to the community, according to Huitt.

“The response is always good and this is something that doesn’t just involve a church, it involves and helps an entire community,” said Huitt. “(CtK) is partnering with the YMCA and local businesses to take care of a real need.”

But, as they say, Jesus is the reason for the season AND the Angel Tree, according to Henderson.

“We get to bring everyone together for a party and gift exchange, where they will hear the word,” he said. “There could 1,000 people or more there.

“And the chance to get them closer to God is what it is all about.”

People will have a chance to pick up an angel starting Sunday at CtK.

Now, want to make your Christmas the best ever? Take a look at this video to see the many ways you can!

By: Phil Knapper
Phil is a 24 year veteran of the newspaper business, where he worked as a writer and editor. He is a member of the creative writing team at CtK Church.