IMG_9876Armed with 270 care packages, consisting of a total of 540 socks and different types of toiletries, a bottle of water, a handmade card and candy in each bag, the youth of Christ the King Church (CtK) visited the homeless of Charlotte to give out the items during Socktober.

The youth also handed out 300 sandwiches to the homeless, which were appreciative of the effort, according to Pastor Bill McKinley — who leads the CtK youth.

“Socktober was born out of one of our missions and it went so well,” McKinley said. “It was great to help the people and a lot of them wanted us to pray with them, too. They appreciated everything so much.

“It was a blessing to all of us.”

McKinley recounted one special moment from the day.

“There was a person we saw that was cold and one member of our youth group, Dylan, gave them his sweatshirt to help,” McKinley said. “It was nice to see a 17-year old do that, and do it so humbly.

“It was just a special part of a special day.”

McKinley thanked the CtK congregation for all of the donations.

“They were great,” he said.

150 of the socks donated were donated to The King’s Closet and $300 was donated by the congregation for food supplies as well.

In total there were 45 youth and adults that went with Socktober, including several from Cristo el Rey.

“We will do it again next year,” McKinley said. “(Socktober) was a very positive, uplifting event for us.”

By Phil Knapper
Phil is a 24 year veteran of the newspaper business, where he worked as a writer and editor. He is a member of the creative writing team at CtK Church.