Perfect-Love-Casts-Out-Fear.pngIt seems we are shielded from nothing these days.  Everything bad is news and it often seems overwhelming compared to the good.  There is no doubt that sin and brokenness are real and the very reason Jesus came into the world to show us a better way Jesus offers a forgiving and redeeming love and sets a pathway to eternal life where the chaos of sin and death do not rule the day.  That is certainly one reason that I keep my eyes on Jesus.  However, I do want to remind you that there is MUCH good in the world.  There are millions of Jesus followers who pour out their lives everyday to make a difference in the lives of others.  No, they don’t make the news, but they are bringing healing and renewal behind every bad thing we hear on the news.  The Bibles says “Perfect love casts out all fear”.  Let’s keep getting up each morning and focusing on the perfect love of Jesus and go and live likewise.  As we do so – we continue to pray for the mental illness and deranged thinking in the hearts and minds of so many who inflict suffering on others.  We continue to pray and serve the victims impacted by all we see and hear.  Keep being the Church my friends!  Keep loving Jesus!  Keep speaking life! Never give up hope!

Craig Bollinger is the Lead Pastor of Christ the King Church in south-west Charlotte, NC