When I was in the 6th grade equivalent in the UK, my Art teacher reported to my parents “Corrie tries hard but achieves little in art”. I can laugh about it now but those words hurt and stuck with me. I always thought I couldn’t do art after that.


When I was in a pilates (or maybe it was yoga?) class about 4 years ago, the instructor came over to me about 15 minutes into the class and whispered, “I’m so sorry, I know you are new here, and I had no idea you had a disability”. Oh dear- I was that bad at it! I do not, by the way, have a disability although my balance and posture were clearly terrible!


These are just two silly, and now funny, examples of how words can have an impact on our identity,  and how we perceive ourselves. Unkind words can really stick….for years. Of course, much more hurtful words are thrown out, even by loved ones, especially by loved ones, when we don’t think before we speak.


Words are powerful. Let’s intentionally be life giving with our words this week. Let’s call out people’s character strengths and use your words to build them up. My co-leader in Crux Middle School Youth shared this last night with the girls:

think before you speak

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Corrie Wiik
Corrie Wiik:  Corrie is a mom to Micah and wife to Ryan. She is a community group leader at CtK and is currently finishing up her masters degree.