For Shawana Melton, the clothing giveaway at The King’s Closet at Christ the King church in Charlotte (CtK), means an early day.

Well, Saturday was another early day for Melton, who lives near Matthews, North Carolina.

“I do take a very interesting route to get here,” Melton said. “I get up at 4:15 (a.m.), I take the 6 o’clock bus, I take a train, then I take another bus before I walk up the side of the highway to get to Christ the King church.”

Melton has been at the giveaway before and feels blessed to be able to return to the event.

“The King’s Closet ministry is very important to me because I am a single mother,” Melton said. “God will definitely show you how to stretch your monies and this ministry allows me to get things for my kids and family that we need.”

That same point of receiving needs and blessings was echoed by others at the event.

For Sharon Thomas, this was her first time at the giveaway, which she found out about on an app she downloaded.

“(The giveaway) is a great event for families and for this community,” said Thomas. “It definitely helps financially.”

Lynn Johnson agreed.

“Every little bit helps families,” said Johnson. “And this is run so well. We come every year.”

A big part of the success is because of the volunteers who work the event.

“You really feel the sense of appreciation,” said worker Bill Curtis, who carried countless bags of clothes to cars for people. “It really makes me feel like I am doing good things for people. You know, doing the right thing and doing things right.”

The church offers the giveaway twice a year and it is a success every time, just like Saturday, a day that was another good day to be at CtK.

Phil Knapper is a 24 year veteran of the newspaper business, where he worked as a writer and editor. He is a member of the creative writing team at CtK Church.