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Moving to Charlotte a year ago from St. Louis, my wife Tammie and I had a list of things we needed to do:  finding a church was at the top.  It seemed like it was going to be quite an undertaking at first, just judging by the number of churches in Charlotte.
And we went to a few, but although they had good worship, people and messages, they just didn’t seem to be good fits for us.
That’s when I decided to just leave my thoughts out of the equation and go where we were being led.
And I knew immediately that Christ the King was the place we were supposed to worship.
From the immediate sense of community to the wonderful worship and message, we were hooked and knew we were in the right place.
CtK has even inspired me to volunteer on the creative writing team and Tammie on the accounting team. We are in the Growth Track classes and just took part in our first small-group meeting last week.
The good news is that anyone can follow the same path. Searching for a church in a big city like Charlotte doesn’t have to be a daunting task. Just listen and keep your eyes open and God will take you where you fit and where you are supposed to be.
And you can be like us, leaving worship saying something like we do:  It’s Always A Good Day to be at CtK.

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Phil Phil Knapper is a 24 year veteran of the newspaper business, where he worked as a writer and editor. He is a member of the creative writing team.