Do you want to make a difference in this world as a believer?

Does sharing the Good News of Christ seem like someone’s job?

Do you ever wish you had the boldness, the power to talk about God with confidence?

Read Luke 24: 49

holy spirit power

This is an recounting of  the last time Jesus appears to the disciples, but it’s not “just” Jesus’ final resurrection appearance.

It’s here that Jesus presents the vision of our part in God’s plan of salvation. This vision involves scripture, Jesus and community outreach. And, most importantly, the “how” – fueled by the Holy Spirit.

We can’t do anything in our own power. Salvation comes from God alone, but He has given us a part in His plan. It’s His vision, not just for our own salvation, but that we should care about and strive for the salvation of others, besides ourselves. How contrary to our culture! Think of others first? When we live in a country of me first! Surely, that can’t be God’s plan. God wants me to be happy, doesn’t he? I invited God to be a part of my life, right? Umm, no! I am not the center of the universe? No, I’m not – thank goodness! God is the center and He wants me to be a part of His plan. Let me say that again…God is the center and He has given you and me a part in His plan.

It’s written in scripture that the message – that there is forgiveness of sins for all who repent – would be proclaimed to all the nations.

Some are thinking – Oh no! Not me! I’m just supposed to be a good person, believe in God, do good things, go to church on Sunday, listen to a preacher tell me something about Jesus or how to live a good life. It’s someone else’s job to “proclaim the message.”

If we’re honest, we’ve all had these thoughts!

Do we look at this mission statement, the reason this church even exists, as nice words on a wall, as someone else’s job? Maybe it’s the job of priests, pastors, ministers, missionaries, evangelists like Billy Graham? Certainly, it’s not the job of an executive assistant, a salesman, a dentist, a plumber, a computer programmer, a graphic artist, a retail clerk, a student, a business owner, a dog groomer, or fill in the blank!

If you think God owes you something, if you think this church is here for you, think again! This church is here because God wants everyone to know that there is forgiveness of sins for all who repent. Period! It’s here to be God’s hands and feet, God with skin on, in our world.

Try repeating after me –

Jesus wants me to help connect all people to the life-giving message of Jesus. He wants me to experience God/find freedom/discover purpose/and make a difference in our world. And He wants that for every nation, everyone.

That first part sounds an awful lot like the end of Matthew 28, the Great Commission, “go and make disciples of all the nations.” And here, in Luke 24:47, “the message would be proclaimed in the authority of His name to all the nations.” What’s the message? THERE IS FORGIVENESS OF SINS FOR ALL WHO REPENT.”

Forgiveness of our sins is a big deal friends! Hell is a real place. Some of us think we can experience hell on earth. Maybe some do or maybe it’s the consequences of our fallen world or our own bad choices that we experience. I don’t know, but I do know what it feels like to be in the dark, separated from God. And I don’t want to spend eternity in that place! Eternity is forever! I also know what it feels like to experience God and find freedom. Freedom from sin, from negative thought patterns, from depression, from bad habits…I almost can’t even describe the joy and the peace and the contentment!

Oh yes, I want to stay in that place forever! In that place, where I don’t have to be in bondage to myself. Where life is no longer about me! I am free and He’s given me a purpose, a purpose in His plan of salvation and I get to make a difference in this world.

Do  you need forgiveness?

Are you ready to make a difference in this world?

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This is part one of a two part blog post. Stay tuned for the second installment next Friday.


Written by:
Denise Deahl
Executive Assistant
CtK Church