First, I want to encourage and affirm your intentionality of inviting and engaging moms for this past Mother’s Day. The worship celebration and Patti’s message were inspiring and many new guest moms that we all reached, heard the amazing love of Jesus. Let’s keep inviting and connecting.

Second, for the next two Sundays I will be teaching a two part series on how God longs for us to be Quenched by the Holy Spirit. We can hear the word and promises of God all day long, but it is the Holy Spirit that activates these promises in our lives. They are dead in us without the Spirit. I want all of us to come into these next two weeks desperate and thirsty for revival. God wants to meet you and me at every desperate, broken place in our lives and revive us through His Spirit. God wants us to change the level of our expectation to allow the creative and powerful work of the Holy Spirit to have room to move in our faith and lives for the sake of His Kingdom advancement in us, in the world and through the church.

How do we prepare for these weeks? Here are some ideas. Spend a day or two fasting from food or something you crave and put all that energy and focus into being thirsty to hear from God. Look up Scripture references to the Holy Spirit and read of His movement. Increase your time in devotion and Bible reading with you and your family. Increase the discipline of your prayer life by adding priority and time. Pray through each section of the Lord’s Prayer and ask God to show you what it means for you.

I anticipate God’s move these next couple weeks. Join me in prayer for everyone in this church and all we will invite to join us. See you Sunday!

PC 100Pastor Craig Bollinger
Lead Pastor @ Christ the King Church