Ok Dads – It is almost our day!  Of course I am well aware that fathering is an everyday privilege.  I am also aware that fathering may not always feel like a privilege.  It can be difficult!  The responsibility can be overwhelming! There is usually not enough time due to all the other demands.  However, at the same time fathering can be deeply satisfying as we watch the shaping of another human being.

There are many options of things to do on Father’s Day – June 15.  I want to encourage you to spend part of it at CTK Church.  WHY?  To provide another opportunity for our wives to elbow us? To be reminded of what else we need to be doing? To feel guilty, shamed or regretful?  NO!  NO! NO!

As a dad, I don’t need any of that either.  What we do all need is to engage with others on the same journey.  What we do need is to see the difference we are making.  What we do need is God’s vision for our lives and the hope (not regret) that today is a new day and new opportunity.

We’ve got this dads!  See you Sunday!

PS:  Invite other dads to come with you.  It may just make their day.  Besides:  chicken will be on the grill and you don’t have to cook it this Sunday!

Craig_BlogPastor Craig Bollinger
Lead Pastor
Christ the King Church