Death is an enemy!  We do everything we can to avoid that enemy.  I am not talking so much about our physical death – although we do everything we can to avoid that also –  I am speaking more of the death needed in aspects of our lives before we can truly live.  It is the death of an emotion, a feeling, a pride, a stronghold, a practice, a lifestyle. etc.

When Jesus was headed to the crucifixion and death on the cross he prayed in the garden “Father remove this cup from me”.  In essence , if there is any other way please show me.  There was not!  The only way was death.  It would take death – the death of the Son of God – to give us a pathway to life and eternal life.  Jesus prayed so hard over the pain of this death that he sweated blood.  I know I haven’t entered that stage of prayer, but I have pleaded at the feet of Jesus for many things in my life and they almost always led me to some point of death.  Death must take place in me for God to move me to the place he wants me to live and to be the person he wants me to be for others.  I can’t say that I have ever really liked that process.  It is arduous , painstaking, mentally anguishing, leaves you second guessing and your mind consumed with what the outcome will be.  You think about all that you will lose when you give up that control, that pride, that life, that emotion, that feeling, that stronghold, or that habit.  Do I die or hang on?  These past couple days I have been in that place with God.

To hang on is to stay as you are.  It may be ok or it may eventually self destruct.  To die is to let go and trust God has a better plan and a better way.  That is so hard!!!  Jesus calls us to come and die so we might live.  Satan calls us to live and consume while you still can.  Jesus says what does it profit to forfeit your soul?   As we come into Good Friday and Easter we see the power of Jesus paving the way for death and life.  Death is never easy, but the resurrected Christ will walk with us and so will others of His body if we ask them.  Pray that I might die well and I will be praying for you also.

Craig_BlogCraig Bollinger
Lead Pastor
Christ the King Church