Mission!  It inspires, defines and directs who we are and what we do as human beings.  As Christians, we are directed by the Lord Jesus to the “Great Commission” in Matthew, chapter 28.  As Christians, that mission inspires, defines and directs how we live life each day.  At Christ the King we summarize it as “Reaching the World With God’s Own Heart”.  The difference between a mission and a commission is that a mission can be something I work on by myself.   The “Great Commission” is the mission I am on in partnership with Jesus.  Since He is the king of the universe, that mission is going to get pretty exciting.  Thus the prefix “com” means “together or with”.  We live out the commission of Jesus with Him and with each other in lots of different ways.  Hearing about those ways and how powerfully God is working through us is inspiring and life changing.  The challenge is hearing about them.

Every generation longs to be inspired and compelled by the amazing work of Jesus through His people.  There are so many ways I see Jesus’ work through us in mission at Christ the King, but I get frustrated that most people only see what God is doing through them.  How can mission be shared?  How can people have better access to the story of Jesus’ amazing work?  How can they learn more and even be inspired to join the “commission” of Jesus?

Awhile back I toured the Billy Graham Center.  I was inspired to live more for Jesus.  I was also inspired by how easily I could see what God was doing in mission through so many people.  They told the story well through pictures, video and various technologies.   I thought – how could we better tell our mission stories through the displays and technologies at Christ the King? God’s mission has a story to tell.  We should tell it.

The vision that I have is that through pictures, video, world maps, locations, stories,  touch screens, web pages, postcards and testimonies we can better see, hear and know what God is doing through the people and places CtK touches.  Imagine seeing a connection to the homeless shelter in Charlotte and from there being able, with just a touch, to hear more about the impact of that ministry  from those serving, those impacted –see pictures and ways to connect.  Imagine seeing one of our missionaries in Burundi, Africa and being able to then touch on her picture and listen to her tell what she is doing and see pictures of her work through our support.  Imagine seeing our commission with children or youth and being able to learn more about the impact of that mission at your fingertips.   The list goes on.  Knowing what God is doing inspires us and helps us better tell the story of God’s amazing love and work among us.

How does this happen?  It can only happen through a team of people consisting of photographers, videographers, writers – those with understanding and expertise in technology, computers, editing etc. Let’s tell the story!  Let’s reveal God’s awesome work.   Let me know if you can help!  Let’s move forward! Let’s get started! This should be really fun!

Pastor Craig