togetherIs there someone that has your back?

Do you have people in your life that you depend on to help you when you need it?

Have you ever tried to take on something by yourself then see the amazing results when you ask for, and receive, some help?

This week we combined our worship service with our Spanish church Cristo el Rey.  It was an exciting time to be together as one big family.  The pastor of our Spanish Congregation, Pastor Frank Garcia, shared the work that is being accomplished there.   It was thrilling to see how this extension of our church helps us reach out into the world even further than we can on our own.

The idea of being together with other like-minded individuals is not new.  Where this notion becomes unique is when you bring it under the umbrella of the Holy Spirit.  There is a supernatural power that takes togetherness and creates oneness.  This bond is spiritual and serves the purposes of God.  Jesus prayed that we experience this unity in John 17:22-23.  Jesus knew that our efforts would have an exponential multiplier when coupled with the blessing of God.

Unity overcomes opposition.  When we are one, we can overcome any obstacle that we face.  Powerful concept, right?

Oneness doesn’t make room for pride and personal agendas.  Pride comes in the accomplished mission.  We all long for purity in action and we rarely see it in the world.  What if you could be a part of something that was done solely for the love of God?  Do you think that might be a different kind of experience?  Do you think that might be really neat?

The only disclaimer to this kind of accord is that it comes from a spiritual place.  It comes from knowing Christ.  It comes from the One who always has our back and longs to rush into our lives and offer help.  This kind of cohesion belongs to the body of Christ, the church.

Have you experienced holy unity?

Do you know the One that has your back?

Join us…

I Wonder…Will I Have My Big Moment?

PrintDo you ever wonder if you will ever have a big moment?

How would you define it? An award? Getting that promotion? A moment in the spotlight? Agreeing to marriage? Having a baby?

We all have our definitions of what constitutes a big moment.

In the context of Christianity, the ideas about big moments are a bit different than those kind of events. When we have a relationship with Christ, His ideas are about how we can bring His love to our fellow man. Big moments happen when God impacts our lives with His grace, kindness, mercy and forgiveness. His love radically transforms our minds so that what might have been important before might hold less appeal than for what He longs to do in and through us.

Imagine knowing that everything you do, as a result of His transforming love, matters to Him.

Would you do things differently?

The Bible tells us that we have a special calling, a purpose to fulfill ,when we become His children. He uses our personalities, our talents, and His gifts to us to become His hands and feet to the world.

If you belong to Jesus, you no longer have to worry if you are enough. You were so loved that He went to the cross on your behalf! That’s how important you are to God.

It takes a lot of stress out of the equation when we realize that we no longer have to impress our fellow man. We experience BIG moments when we do any simple act of service in the Father’s name. The more we seek God, the more He gives us opportunities to impact the world on His behalf. It is just that simple.

Most Christians will tell you that their biggest moment was when they recognized and accepted the work of Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross. This understanding and acceptance opens a floodgate of understanding of who God is.

Have you had that big moment yet?

Do you want to learn more? Join us…

I Wonder…Is Stress My Reality?

stress-reliefDo you have stress?

Chances are, you do. We all do. In fact, trying to write a blog about stress is stressful! There are so many variations on this theme that it boggles the mind. If you ask Google you will receive 139,000,000 answers in .35 seconds! Google will also tell you that there are 497,000 specifically Christian answers to this question.

On Sunday, our pastor, Craig, spoke about this topic and the thing that jumped out was the idea that God dwells within us, if we have a relationship with Him. That is a hard one to get our 21st century minds around. The Holy God, creator of the universe, wants to be so intimate with us that He offers to take up residence in our lives! That is huge.

In Matthew 17:20b Jesus says “Truly I tell you, if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’ and it will move. Nothing will be impossible for you.” If nothing is impossible for God, and He lives in us, then we should never worry about anything, right?

Yet we do. Oh how we worry and stress and try to control things… It is just part of the human condition.

Maybe we are asking the wrong questions to the wrong source?

Maybe the question shouldn’t be “how do I manage stress?” Perhaps we should ask God about each individual thing that is causing stress, and, how He would have us manage ourselves around it?

Perhaps we need to break it down even further and ask him “what is my next right step in this situation?” God typically only shows us the next step because we don’t need to know more. His creative pathway may not look at all like the one we imagined or could get our small minds around. His ways are not our ways! The Bible is clear about that in Isaiah 55:8-9.

So we have the Almighty God of the Universe that wants to live out our lives in, and through, us. He is the creative lover of our souls and longs to do “exceedingly, abundantly more than we can ask or think, according to the power that works within us” Eph3:20.

This is the good news of the Gospel.

This is real help.

Are you ready to receive it?

Are you ready to allow Him to give you the next right step?

Want to learn more?

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I Wonder…Is Faith Doable?

“Raisins that masquerade as chocolate chips are one of the main reasons that I have trust issue.”
~ A
uthor unknown

faithdoableDo you have “trust” issues?

Do you find it hard to believe people?

Are you skeptical about what the Bible says?

Is it difficult to have faith in God?

The above quote addresses the issue of mistrust in a humorous way, but, it points out that it is common to experience a certain level of doubt or skepticism in life. That is easy to understand when we know that there are no perfect human interactions and that people may break their word despite their best intentions. We take that human understanding into our relationship with God. We want to believe. We want to trust a loving God to take care of us. We want to … but…

Is faith doable? It is, but I believe that it is a process. We begin by seeking God and looking for Him to show Himself in our lives. We begin to watch Him work and, over time, we see His faithfulness. I believe that He understands this and rewards us for each small step of trust that we take!

Sunday’s message, I Wonder…Is Faith Doable, came at the exact time that I needed it. I found out just last week that the job that I love so much is coming to an end. Our corporate team has changed its mind about developing a division of the company in Charlotte and has put our assets up for sale. I was heartbroken to learn this, yet, I am living by faith. That means that I need to trust that God is allowing this door to close because He has something better for me. Does that make me less sad? No. Does it lessen my concern over how I am going to pay my bills? It should, but I wouldn’t be honest if I didn’t admit that the enemy of doubt brings it up again and again. It does, however, cause me to recognize that God has taken me through many life changes and has proven faithful – Every. Single. Time. In fact, I have experienced such faithfulness from God that I was able to transition from panic to peace much more quickly that I would have several years ago. Am I perfectly peaceful? Only when I am able to silence the voice of doubt with the verse from Isaiah 26:3Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on thee: because he trusteth in thee.” I will admit that I have to say it more than several times a day, but each day I say it less. I share this to say that as a Christian of over 30+ years, I am still learning what it means to live by faith – even though God has been absolutely trustworthy in my life! Yet, despite my shortcomings, I wouldn’t choose to live any other way. Each time we are tested – we grow. God gives us life. He gives it abundantly. He wants us to leap into his arms with reckless abandon. I, for one, am not there yet, but I can’t wait until the day that I am able to do that.

The process of faith is taking baby steps, proving that God is faithful and then taking larger steps until we finally leap without hesitation or reservation. I for one choose to live by faith not because I am faithful but because HE is. I can’t wait until the day that I ready to leap!

Are you ready to trust God?

Are you ready to take a baby step of faith?

Are you ready to leap?

Why Go to Church?

PrintDo you attend church?

Why do you think that believers go to church?

On Sunday, the vision of Christ the King church was shared with the congregation. The work the church is doing is global in reach, as well as, specific to the community. It is quite stunning and inspiring. The plans that are being made for the future are being carefully weighed and prayerfully crafted to meet the local need. Again the ideas being considered are really exciting. Big things are in store for the congregation at CtK. God is doing an exciting thing in the midst of the church and it is thrilling to be in partnership with Him at this place.

This is all well and good if you are a member, but what if you only read this blog? What if you have attended church but only sporadically?

What if you don’t understand the big deal about attending or joining a church at all?

This is for you. In Hebrews 10:25 it states, “let us not give up meeting together, as some are in the habit of doing, but encouraging one another—and all the more as you see the Day approaching.” This implies that we need community and fellowship in order to stay the course of the straight and narrow. Have you ever partnered with someone to work out or lose weight? How about study for a test or complete a project? Isn’t there something that happens to your own efforts when you know that others are watching and depending on you? It is the same with the church. We need each other to help us be our own best selves. We also need others to fill in where we are weak, or allow us to bring our strength to bear on areas where our brother is weak.

Ecclesiastes is a book in the Old Testament. In verses 4:9-12 it says, “Two are better than one, because they have a good return for their labor: 10 If either of them falls down, one can help the other up. But pity anyone who falls and has no one to help them up. 11 Also, if two lie down together, they will keep warm. But how can one keep warm alone? 12 Though one may be overpowered, two can defend themselves. A cord of three strands is not quickly broken.” The take-away here is that if we are alone, we may fall, and if we aren’t in fellowship with other members of the household of faith, we won’t be lifted up. In fact, our pastor noted that if we are left to our own devices, we will fall! It is the fellowship and accountability of the body of Christ that will help us stand in the face of temptation.

The Father created us with a desire for relationships. The first should be with Him, the second should be with our families, next comes the fellowship of other believers, then friends, then the world. Are you alone in your faith? Are you ready to take it to the next level by entering into a community of others that are longing to be close to God?

Please join us at CtK and find your place in the body of Christ right here in Charlotte, NC.


The Dig ~ Represent

TheDigHave you watched any of the 2016 Olympics?

It has been quite a year for our American athletes. They have represented our country with excellent performances in their events. Unfortunately, there have been some that have misbehaved in their off time and those folks seem to get as much attention as the ones that perform valiantly.

Isn’t that true of the Christian community?

We see lots of steadfast believers quietly going about the business of leading Godly lives, and sharing their faith by building relationships, and loving those around them. Then we see the folks that call themselves Christians, who profess hate and spew radical ideology, that are so at odds with the message of Christ. One gets ignored and the other gets all kinds of media notice.

If we have a life changing relationship with Christ, we want to move closer to Him and know Him intimately so, that when others see us, they see Him. In order to not get swept away in the kind of rhetoric that so diminishes the Gospel; we need to stay close to Christ and His Word in order not to get off course.

We each may be the only representation of Christ to the folks we meet. That is a sobering thought. That means that I better be tending to the “imperishable seed” that Christ has planted within me. 1 Peter 1:23 talks about this. When we become believers, we are given a new heart, a new “seed” of eternal life, which we must tend. If you have ever planted something from seed, you know that you don’t just plant it and walk away. You must water it, give it nutrients and ward off predators when it begins to produce fruit. Our inner life with Christ is no different. In order for others to see Christ in us, we must become like Him.

How do you become like someone?

Have you ever seen a little boy try to work beside his daddy? It is the cutest thing to observe. He will watch and try to mimic him until he can do each move perfectly on his own. If he holds the tool incorrectly or misses a step, his dad will gently correct him and show him the right way. He will work and work until he gets it right.

We need to be like little kids watching Christ so closely that His life becomes our own. If we stay close, He will gently guide and correct us so that we do not go astray.

The “seed” that grows within us is unique to each of us. It has been given to us to combine with our own talents and personality to distinctly meet the need and the purpose for which we have been created. Isn’t that exciting? To be gifted in this way is one of the most thrilling aspects of having a relationship with Christ. To have confidence in whom we are, and, in Whose we are gives life a whole new meaning and purpose.

Do you represent Christ? Have you invited Him to plant in the garden of your life?

If you have a relationship with Christ, how are you tending to the “imperishable seed”? If you haven’t said yes to a relationship with Jesus, please consider joining us as we learn more about what it is to follow him at CTK.

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The Dig – Supernatural Writings

TheDig3When have you tried to explain the unexplainable?

How do you tell your friends why your romantic interest is so special? Why you are fascinated with the hobby that you enjoy? Or, what it is like to know that you are supposed to do something that everyone else thinks is crazy?

If you have ever had to make a case for something that doesn’t have visible evidence, then you know the struggle that believers face when trying to explain why the Bible is so important.

Christians believe that the Bible is the chief way that God communicates with us. He promises that His word is living and full of power for those of us that believe in Him. (Hebrews 4:12) How do you explain that? People that are spiritual will tell you that there is all sorts of great wisdom literature and that you don’t have to put all of your trust in just one form. I get it! There are all sorts of wonderful works that impart solid principals, but that is all that they do. It is hard to explain that, while all of those other things are well and good, they just don’t hold a candle to the supernatural powerhouse that is the Word of God through the scriptures. The going is even tougher when you encounter historical accuracy arguments, or, the contention that only what man allowed made up the final work. To debate those and other similar points misses the concept entirely. The Bible is a spiritual book that, when looked at with the Holy Spirit’s help, will speak so dramatically into your life that it will not come back void of impact. Isaiah 55:11 says that very thing and no other works have ever made that kind of promise!

This month we are experiencing 21 Days of Prayer at CTK. During this time we are seeking to draw closer to God. One of the key ways to do that is to open His word and let it speak into our lives. If we pray only, then we never hear all that God wants to say. He may whisper some things in our hearts but the only way to verify what we hear is to line it up with what His written word tells us. Often, God speaks to us not only in a still small voice, but in words that literally seem to leap from the page.

Have you tried opening the scriptures and allowing God to speak to you through them?
If it is only wisdom literature, then you had a good read.

What if you find that it really is supernatural?




Is it possible that you might find the impact of this Living Word wonderfully unexplainable?

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